Orthomosaic MAPS

Orthomosaic Maps & Orthophotos Explained

Put in simple terms, an orthomosaic is like Google Earth, but with more resolution and up-to-date. It is a large, map-quality image with high detail and resolution made by combining many smaller images called orthophotos. 

These images are corrected for lens distortion, camera tilt, perspective, and topographic relief; which are changes in the elevation of the earth’s surface. 

These corrected orthophotos have no distortion whatsoever and a uniform scale across the image and make a perfectly straight-down view of all objects in the frame as you would see on Google Earth.

How Are Orthomosaics Used?

Get Updated Views of Large Land Areas

One of the main use cases for an orthomosaic is simply to get an updated view of a large area of land. Google Earth is helpful, but often the imagery is outdated. Your new development project could be finished, new construction projects could be underway, or the landscape could have changed from natural disasters. Real estate agents may also want an updated view of the property to see if it is a good fit for their needs. Whatever the reason is, orthomosaics are the best way to combine aerial images for an updated view of your land. 

Use Orthomosaics for Accurate Measurements

Construction firms also find orthomosaics particularly useful. They can get updated views of their construction sites on a regular basis, and they can leverage the accuracy of the orthomosaics for precise measurements. Construction firms can use these tools to calculate the volume of stockpiles, estimate material costs, and collect other valuable data without actually having to be at the construction site. Software programs can also use the raw data from aerial photos to construct 3D models, which is another powerful tool for construction firms.

Perform Inspections
Along with inspecting crops, orthomosaics are great for performing aerial inspections of equipment and other facilities. They can be used for inspecting rooftops, solar installations, buildings that are falling apart, and more.
Legal Proceedings and Court Cases

Orthomosaics are occasionally used in legal cases too. Certain cases require updated and accurate imagery of the property in question. Orthomosaics provide the necessary imagery needed for legal proceedings. 


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