Help validate and enhance your claim.

Capture every detail with data integrity to ensure claims are more accurate than ever before.

Easily and quickly capture data for remote inspection and analysis, while reducing operational costs for the assets you insure. Improve risk management claims and accelerate underwriting decisions with drone services that include disaster management, elevation analysis, property inspections, aerial photography, and video capture.

Reduce Cost

Capture data easily, quickly, and safely for remote inspection and analysis while reducing operational costs.

Improve Risk Management

Improve risk management and accelerate decisions through the use of drone services.

Access On-Demand Data

Get quick access to the vantage points of your assets delivered in formats that drive action.

Our Services

Drone technology is disrupting entire industries, and it’s finding its use in the insurance industry. Due to their nature, insurance claims are a complicated endeavor. 

3D Models

Collect photogrammetric imagery and create affordable 3D models of any structure. Capture the location of interest from every possible angle.

2D Orthomosaic Maps

The detailed, bird’s eye view available can help insurance professionals piece together the true extent of the damage.

Roof Inspections

Get high-definition and high-resolution shots you can later zoom in on your computer. You can detect the potential damage before it happens or gather the data needed for an insurance claim.

Photo and Video Capture

Capture details of an event in 4K and high-resolution images.

Flood Risk Assessment

Determine the likelihood of flooding with various terrain and elevation maps.

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