Drone inspections can detect potential damage before it happens and help you develop actionable insights into your property

RAVN will help you uncover potential issues that arise with aging infrastructure, or from issues in new construction.

Roof Inspections​

Roof inspections are traditionally dangerous and time-consuming. Drones and software solutions can drastically reduce the number of time employees need to spend off the ground.

Scan one home or an entire complex and have a 3D digital twin to help inspect all aspects of a roof in a fraction of the time it would take to complete manually. 

With high-resolution imagery, you can zoom in on any part of a structure and visually inspect it with confidence.


Site / Building Inspections

Throughout the lifecycle of a construction project, buildings and structures must be inspected for recent installations, defects, and potential safety hazards. Conducting these inspections on foot or scaffolding is costly, time intensive, potentially dangerous, and might be lacking proper photographic evidence. This can lead to miscommunications, unnecessary costs, and projects falling behind schedule.

Inspect your site and keep tabs on your assets from the comfort of your desk with ultra-high-resolution imagery.

Equipment Inspections​

Buildings and structures aren’t the only things that need to be inspected on construction sites. Pieces of equipment such as cranes need to regularly be inspected to ensure they’re in compliance and in proper working order. Rather than sending an employee up onto the crane to conduct the inspection, a drone can do the same job safer, and faster, and provide photo documentation of any issues.

Inspect your site and keep tabs on your assets from the comfort of your desk with ultra-high-resolution imagery.

Roof Inspections

Drone photography enables you to collect important and actionable data on commercial and residential rooftops and other assets. See the building condition, spot leaks, and imperfections, or simply understand current vents, HVAC systems, or solar panels already installed on the roof.
Combining with orthomosaic mapping can further expand actionable information. View large areas in a single image. Collect measurements on rooftop objects and view them with incredible detail with up to a 0.7in/px resolution.

Building & Site Inspections

With increased Infrastructure building at tremendous speed, it is vital to keep up with its maintenance at an adjacent rate. Aerial drone inspection allows data acquisition from hard-to-reach areas quickly, decreases various risks and costs, and reduces the workforce required on the ground. Drones furnished with high-resolution sensors help detect visual defects and damage.

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