Data capture

3D Models

Produce valuable 3d models of construction sites, commercial properties, or buildings. We combine data from multiple images into one 3D model that allows you to visualize your property and measure volume and area.

Orthomosaic Maps

Capture huge, hundred-acre properties with precision, detail, and accuracy. We used advanced software to intelligently combine hundreds if not thousands of drone images, geo-referenced GPS coordinates, and altitude information into impressive high-quality orthomosaic maps which allow for details with up to 0.7 in/px resolution.

3D Models

Showcase your Project

Have a beautiful 3D rendering of your new project and showcase it to potential clients, customers, or investors. Creating a 3D model of the surrounding area can be a great way to put your development in context.

Show how your future building will look, how the structure will integrate into the landscape, and other benefits your project has to offer.

Orthomosaic Maps

Orthomosaic Maps

One of the main use cases for an orthomosaic is simply to get an updated view of a large area of land. Google Earth is helpful, but often the imagery is outdated. Your new development project could be finished, new construction projects could be underway, or the landscape could have changed from natural disasters. Real estate agents may also want an updated view of the property to see if it is a good fit for their needs. Whatever the reason is, orthomosaics are the best way to combine aerial images for an updated view of your land. 

Make Measurments

Construction companies also find orthomosaic maps very helpful. They can easily get updated pictures of their building sites on regular basis, which they could leverage the accuracy for precise measurements. Construction firms can use these tools to calculate the volume of stockpiles, estimate material costs, and collect other vital data without having to be present at the construction site. 


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