Why Drones?

Drones have emerged as a technology tool that has yet to be exploited to its full potential in the construction industry. From the planning stages to the final inspection, drones can help streamline every stage of a construction project.

Better Budget Management

Reduce the operating costs associated with your project by reducing the time it takes to gather information

Improved Workflows

Get the information you need to make decisions quickly and simplify operational steps.

Meet Deadlines

Keep your projects on track by using the information gathered to ensure your teams avoid delays.

Improved Risk Management

Avoid putting more boots on the ground in potentially hazardous areas and let a drone complete the task.


Using drone data during the bidding process of a site allows for more accurate cost estimations. Aerial photos and videos of a potential site provide a more in-depth understanding of its overall layout, features, condition, and surrounding areas.

Construction Phases

During the construction phase, site managers have to control and validate completed work in order to permit continued work. The faster you are able to check and validate a task, the faster you can move on to the next task, saving time along the overall construction process. 


Showcase your completed project with professionally edited photos and videos. Aerial visuals of completed projects can make a convincing addition to any construction company’s portfolio and help publicize their new building or other newly constructed assets.



Elevated Imagery

Aerial drone photos and videos are excellent tools for monitoring progress on a consistent basis, getting a detailed overview of your project, and highlighting your completed work.


Monitor and track progress from the sky with detailed aerial photos. We capture images from various altitudes, distances, and directions to give you the full picture of your project. Get updates on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis to understand how your project is progressing.

Communicate to Stakeholders

Capture unseen perspectives with unique angles and high definition clarity. Provide stakeholders with visual evidence of your project’s progress and how your project is developing. Easily download and share your imagery with stakeholders, prospective clients, or use the imagery for marketing purposes.

Gather Valuable Data

Get the big picture of your construction project. See your site from all angles to truly understand its development progress. Drone photography can provide the views you need, whether it is up close or farther away, giving you a detailed overview of your site and painting the full picture.


Capture an entire project from the sky with captivating photos & videos. Showcase your work from start to finish and tell a compelling story.


Our Services

Expand your ability to monitor and improve the quality of work, provide additional information to clients and team members and further enhance the safety of your team members.
Aerial Video and Photography​

Improved marketing materials and great-looking updates that can easily be shared with all parties involved in the project.

Project and Equipment Monitoring​

Document the entire job site safely using aerial data and ground imagery. Visual timelines to keep all teams and parties informed and minimize rework. Send updates to all of your stakeholders to keep them informed on the status of the project.

Orthomosaic Mapping​​

The sharp, detailed images produced by drones enable site managers to track work progress and make accurate decisions based on up-to-date data and comprehensive reconstructed site maps instead of relying on plans or incomplete data that may not reflect reality.

Topographic Mapping

Before the launch of many construction projects, a topographic survey of the site is required to get a good understanding of the environment in which the project will take place. Locate possible drainage points, changes in elevation, and other factors that can assist in selecting the best locations for building, digging, or storing materials.

Stockpile Analysis/Reports​

Let RAVN help you measure stockpiles and assist with inventory counts for greater accuracy than measurements obtained by traditional methods. Keep your inventory up-to-date and stocked with enough materials with our volumetric services.

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Progress Monitoring

During the construction phase, site managers have to control and validate completed work in order to permit continued work. The faster you are able to check and validate a task, the faster you can move on to the next task, saving time along the overall construction process. 

Keep track of your site with weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly site visits from one of our drone professionals. Monitor your subcontractors, materials, equipment, and even stockpile volumes and send updates to all parties involved in your project.

The data captured can be represented as 3D models of the site, orthomosaic maps, and other photogrammetry data to monitor and track the progression of any project from start to finish.

Orthomosaic Mapping​​

Aerial imagery provides invaluable overhead views of a project when it comes to tracking progress, inspecting for safety issues, and keeping real-time tabs on every corner of a site.

Compared to Google Earth’s standard imagery, our maps are updated with the latest imagery of the area and provided at a much higher resolution.

Orthomosaic maps offer images that are uniform in scale, corrected for topographic relief, camera tilt, and distortions in camera optic. These maps are ideal for gathering measurements and visualizing the landscape with up-to-date data.

Topographic Surveys

Unlike traditional topographic surveys, which take time and produce a set of linework, topographic maps with drones can produce orthomosaics, contour maps, and digital surface models (DSM) as well as digital terrain models (DTM), and dense point clouds. The result is highly accurate datasets, which provide more information whilst saving time.

Digital Surface Models (DSMs)

Digital Terrain Model (DTMs)

Contour Models

Earthworks & Stockpile Analysis

Contractors who move earth are paid according to the amount they have moved. So good accuracy when measuring the amount of earth moved is necessary. Highly accurate drone data reduces the margin of error in these calculations, and the payments.

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